OCMIS MARITIME has started working with the United Nations

United Nations

The vessel Sea Rose, which offers roll on-roll off service, received last March a cargo of armored cars belonging to the United Nations peacekeeping forces, colloquially known as “blue helmets”.

The company TMG was in charge of the operation in Castellón.

The Sea Rose is a ro-ro/lo-lo vessel of 91 meters long and 16 meters wide, with a draft of 6.3 meters and a GT of 3998 tons. It is also equipped with two ramps, one on the stern and one on the starboard side, which can operate simultaneously, thus facilitating the loading and unloading of these vehicles in the port of Beirut after a trip without any inconvenience.

United Nations

With more than fifty years of experience as shipowners dedicated to ship management, providing services throughout the Mediterranean, both for bulk solids and for general and conventional cargo, the Lebanese Halabi family embarked in 2002 on a new project: the construction of the SIMCO company based in Beirut.

The objective was to act as shipowners, consignees and charterers of all types of ships,except for liquid bulk cargo,and it was the germ of the company OCMIS MARITIME S.L, a company that has now expanded its projects with its implementation in the port of Castellón where they already operate with 5 vessels.

It was precisely in 2016 when they decided to start this new project as shipowners and representatives of the shipping company for all Spain, so buying and selling vessels, with the vessel Sea Rose which will be joined shortly by another vessel RORO/LOLO to expand the service to other Spanish Mediterranean ports in connection with Tunisian and Moroccan enclaves.In addition the company is also dedicated to the purchase and sale of merchant vessels.